If you are looking for quality Inventory Control Stickers, JR Labels is the perfect labeling solution that you require. Our wide range of Inventory Control Labels comes in various designs such as QC Rejected, QC Hold, QC Rework Repair, QC Approved stickers, and QC Passed Labels used for warehouse inventory, and quality control, shipping, etc. These labels are made of premium quality semi-gloss material that has strong adhesive and are scratch, tear, and weather resistant.

Our Quality Control Labels are great for inventory management in manufacturing, retail, and other industries to improve the work efficiency of inventory management staff. These printed matte finish fluorescent labels are made of high-quality material and have countless uses in the warehouse, food service, retail, medical and office management.

Quick Points On Inventory Control Labels

  • Pre-Printed Roll Forms
  • Fluorescent Red and Green Labels
  • Eco-Friendly Print
  • Inventory Management
  • Strong Adhesive| High Durability| Resistant To Peeling
  • Premium-Quality Materials
  • Cost-efficient Labels







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