Aug 31, 2022

Which Sticker Material is Right for You?

Have you been in search of the best quality Inventory Control Stickers lately? Designing or creating stunning stickers for your brand can be both exciting as well as overwhelming for most first-timers. Inventory Control Labels are one of the most powerful branding tools you can employ for your new venture to get noticed.

With a wide range of sticker materials available, the right choice of the material, its shape, size, and coatings, all determine the quality of your stickers.

JR Label has Inventory Control Labels with the following bonuses.

  • Roll forms that are Pre-Printed/ customized
  • Peel-resistant, highly durable, and adhesive
  • Best suited for complete inventory management from order to delivery

We are here to guide you through the various options available in sticker materials so that you can choose the best one for your need.  

Know your sticker material

Out of Paper, Synthetic, and Vinyl sticker materials available, Vinyl is waterproof, tear-proof, and scratch-proof. It also has higher durability. By knowing your specific use, you can decide which variant is best suited for you.

  1. Paper Stickers

If you need stickers for your simple packaging needs or your office, paper stickers would be a good choice. They are easy to apply, versatile, and can be made available in any attractive design. Moreover, they are safe to be applied to dry and moist non-fatty foods. Gloss, matte and natural finishes are available.

  1. Plastic stickers

For real professional, sleek looks, plastic stickers would be the ideal choice. They merge well on glass and plastic jars or even plastic bags. Their water-resistant property makes them suitable for products like soaps and shampoo.

Another important of plastic stickers is that they are flexible, hence can settle on curved surfaces of containers without any difficulty.

  1. Vinyl

Vinyl material is smooth and durable. Due to their stretchy nature, they adapt well to both flat and curved container surfaces.

  • White Glossy Removable Vinyl

This type of sticker is super easy to apply and has a strong adhesive to remain on the surface. It is both waterproof and open-air durable. Additionally, they can easily be removed without leaving any sticky leftovers. At JR Labels, they are available as pages or handouts.

  • White Glossy Permanent Vinyl

For a “forever stick”, Permanent Vinyl should be your choice.  Its strong adhesive makes it best suitable for outdoors and won’t be easily removed. It is great for giving warning symbols or safety labels and industrial applications.

  • White Matte Removable Vinyl

For a subtle, aesthetic look, JR Labels can offer you matte vinyl stickers that can give you a beautiful matte finish for your stickers. They are also waterproof and bubble-free, which makes their application easy.

JR Label’s Labels are a perfect solution for  manufacturing, retail, inventory, logistics or 

any other industry. So, without any confusion, get in touch with our team and find the best suitable sticker material for your need with the finest quality and most affordable rates. You can also find our wide range of products on amazon.com.