What Does Each Label Mean
Aug 20, 2022

What does each label mean?

If you are in the food industry or baking business, then you must precisely know what your food product labels actually mean. Product labeling is giving/presenting information about your product on its outside packaging. So, whatever trade you are into,  product labels play a vital role in establishing a ‘connect’ with your customer and as a business owner, you must know the meaning of each label type.

In this article, we introduce to you the various label types and their meaning.

Why Product Labels?

The label on your item is the key communication tool between you and your customer. It should provide the consumer with your product’s nutritional composition, basic ingredients, instructions to use your product etc.  The main purpose of labeling your food products is to allow customers to know your product and thus make informed choices on the product they buy. Giving quality labels is thus a good way to connect with your customer and we can help you with that.

Food business owners are also legally required to label their products appropriately. They must include details like:

  1. Food item name
  2. List of ingredients
  3. Nutrient percentages
  4. Cooking instructions(if needed)
  5. Manufacture & Expiry dates
  6. Storage instructions
  7. Country of make

Food Packaging Labels

Did you know that the best food packaging labels can help you attract more potential customers and thus grow your sale? Get our attractive labels and let your customers be informed. From baked goods labels to poultry food labels and labels for farm fresh items like eggs, we have the best labelling solution for all your needs.

Since the labels are made on semi-gloss materials, they can easily adhere to surfaces like plastic bins, clear wraps, corrugated containers etc.

Food Deli Labels

Food deli labels are great to be used on clear wrap packs of both fresh foods as well as on packaged food items. Our huge range of Food Deli stickers are perfect for products that need additional preparation like meat, chicken, turkey etc and are preferred for groceries, and even for storing items in freezers.

Food Rotation Labels

We provide quality food rotation labels that have a color-coded system for arranging prepared food or packaged meals to ensure product freshness and safety. They include Monday-to-Sunday Day labels, Use First/Use by Labels etc. No matter what your food and beverage safety requirements are, JR Labels has got you covered! Our Food Rotation labels are a perfect labeling solution on sandwich wrappers, fast food items, restaurants and the like. Added features of this labeling solution include:

  1. Eye catchy/attractive stickers
  2. Best quality materials
  3. Die-cut labels
  4. Durability, easiness of application and removal

So, without any further confusion, get in touch with our team and avail professional help in choosing the right solution for all your food package labelling needs. All our products are also listed on amazon.com. Color variations and size descriptions are provided so that our customers can directly place their orders.