how to choose best label
Aug 09, 2022

How To Choose The Best Label For Your Product?

If you are into trade, you must know that labels play a very vital role in the selection of a product by your customers. Only if they find your product appealing, then will proceed to the purchasing process. Nowadays there are a number of sticker options with different materials, quality, design, etc available in the market that can be used for various purposes. But as the number of choices increases, your confusion in choosing the best one that suits your requirement also increases, especially when it comes to food labelling stickers. As you know, there is no particular rule that will help you choose your label, this decision solely depends on the buyer’s requirement.


  • Focus On Its Material & Usage:

When you are not able to choose from the sea of label options, just focus on the quality of the label, its look, and its adhesive period limit because each label has specific material ranges as well as usage. The material used for the label represents the characteristics of the label. Therefore, in an overall view, your focus should fall on choosing good material, price range, designs, and resilience. Quality labels can help your product stand unique amongst your competitors.

  • Identify Your Label Requirement:

This is one important point that you need to keep in mind as every label is different in its purpose, design, usage, etc.  First list down the purpose you need labels for, then the size, designs, and purpose. To make your food product labels useful, you are required to look for the labels that suit your needs to avoid confusion. 

  • Temperature Variant Labels:

There may be products that need to be kept under cold temperatures or under high temperatures to be in good condition. Making use of regular labels for the products that require deep freeze as well as extreme temperatures may not go well and that is why you need freeze-resistant labels or high-temperature resistant labels. These types of food product labels keep all your product information, design, and patterns safe under any temperatures. 

JR Labels has the right set of labeling solutions for all your requirements that can benefit your product. Labels are not only useful to provide information to the buyers but also help to enhance the outlook of your product in a unique way from your competitors. Getting more attention to your product can ultimately result in getting more customers. We have a wide range of labels for all your labeling requirements on Amazon which you can get within just a click. Therefore, choose your labels wisely without compromising on your requirement.